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Established in 2015, XIMIVOGUE is a Korea-based designer brand that operates as franchised retail stores for fast fashion products. Run by the Zhejiang Xi Bin Import and Export Co. Ltd., the XIMIVOGUE head office is located at Guangzhou International Finance Center in China.
Standing by the philosophy of “simplicity, good quality and green” the brand advocates for a “return to nature”. Through this approach, and by following a relentless pursuit of exceptional customer service, the brand has earned admiration and respect from its customers all across the world – who are primarily aged between 12-40 years.
XIMIVOGUE products are updated regularly, and are priced competitively. Most products fall within the range of USD1.5 to USD10, which has contributed to the brand’s immense growth across 64 regions including Australia, Canada, India, Russia, Singapore, Spain, the UAE and many more. Currently, the brand expands by 80-100 stores each month across the globe.


Mission:To become the premier brand of fast fashion department stores.
Vision: Building success by leading fashion.
Core Values: Honesty, Unity, Innovation, Efficiency, Responsibility, Gratitude.

What We Do?

XIMIVOGUE integrates the five advantages of its resources in the form of a fast fashion clothing brand, jewellery chain, cosmetics line, household recreation department store, and an e-commerce platform.
Furthermore, the existing demands of the domestic markets are combined with future fashion ideas and culture in order to sweep the fashion industry worldwide – by leading transformation.
XIMIVOGUE sets a new standard in the fashion industry by offering exciting products to the consumers, which are inspired by Korean fashion culture.
With simple and high quality features, as well as the virtues of green consumption, most XIMIVOGUE products are priced between USD 1 and USD 10. It is because of this that XIMIVOGUE has successfully been able to earn the love of a wide range of consumers – most aged between 12 and 40 years.

We offer products that assist the consumers in creating a life of comfort and leisure – including home necessities, health and beauty products, jewellery and fashion items, as well as office supplies and stationery gifts among others. All in all, the XIMIVOGUE catalogue consists of more than 10,000 types of products.
XIMIVOGUE learns from nature, and strives to form a healthy relationship between the Earth’s environment and human civilisation. Our goal is create products that take care of the environment and the community at large. By stripping away the unnecessary elements, XIMIVOGUE advocates for a return to nature.
Besides the aforementioned efforts, we also provide the following services to our retail partners:

1. Marketing services.
2. Advertising and publicity services.
3. Organising fairs and exhibitions for commercial and advertising purposes.
4. Commercial information and advice for consumers in the choice of products and services.
5. Commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others.
6. Market analysis.
7. Business management consultancy.
8. Import-export agency services.
9. Coupon procurement services for others.
10. Sales promotion for others.


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The Brand Philosophy

XIMIVOGUE advocates the philosophy of quality of life, which is reflected in the brand’s pursuit of respecting its customers. Stemming from this belief, the XIMIVOGUE brand has dedicated itself to providing consumers with products of “high-quality products at competitive pricing while en
XIMIVOGUE disputes the time-held belief that “the higher the price, the better the quality”. This age old belief is an excuse for some to exploit the many, who have long been made to equate lower prices with poor quality. This exploitative behaviour has emerged from the desire of some enterprises to increase their profits, while practicing unfree trade.
XIMIVOGUE believes that the time for “good quality for low prices” has begun, not just in China, but around the world. In this era, the actual value of a brand should be judged on its ability to provide benefits to all people, rather than to only a handful.
Therefore, in order to actualise this goal, XIMIVOGUE has established a new type of fashion ‘experience’ store – one which has become the main force in department stores and shopping malls. With additional services like catering and entertainment, XIMIVOGUE strives to provide consumers with more value for their hard-earned money. In the end, our focus is on making the consumer’s shopping experience a memorable one.

The Brand Story

As Korean culture swept across China and Asia through it’s pop-culture and drama, Korean fashion and lifestyle brands too became a major hit.
XIMIVOGUE came into existence as a way to fuel this phenomenon by offering genuine Korean fast fashion culture to the mainstream consumers through it’s wide product offering.

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