To become the premier brand of fast fashion department stores.


Building success by leading fashion.


Honesty, Unity, Innovation, Efficiency, Responsibility, Gratitude.


Established in 2015, XIMI VOGUE is a Korea-based designer brand that offers fast-fashion products across categories such as beauty, fashion, home decor and lifestyle to name a few. Run by the Zhejiang Xi Bin Import and Export Co. Ltd., XIMI VOGUE is headquartered in Guangzhou International Finance Center in China.

We launched in India in 2018 to introduce the freshness of Korean design and fashion to the land of rich artistic and cultural diversity. With 20+ stores across Indian cities within a year, the brand has gained acceptance and popularity across different regions of the country.

We are committed to the ideals of simplicity, good quality and green consumption. We strongly believe in giving back to nature. With unique and stylish products, and by the relentless pursuit of exceptional customer service, we have earned the admiration and respect of customers across the world.

XIMI Vogue brings freshness to the lives of its customers by introducing new products with unique designs regularly. We are loved by people all over the world and have a strong global presence with retail outlets across 64 countries including Australia, Canada, India, Russia, Singapore, Spain, the UAE to name a few, while expanding by 80-100 stores every month.


XIMI VOGUE retail stores offers products across 5 major categories namely jewellery and accessories, cosmetics, home decor and lifestyle. We seek to meet the demands of domestic markets through our retail outlets by making products that combine utility with a unique design to give our customers fresh moments of fashion – XIMI moments!

Through our products, we aspire to help consumers create a life of comfort and leisure. We manufacture products such as home necessities, health and beauty products, jewellery and fashion items, as well as office supplies and stationery gifts among others. Our catalogue consists of more than 10,000 types of products.

XIMI Vogue sets new standards in the fashion industry by offering quality products with fresh designs to, while being committed to the goal of green consumption. The brand finds inspiration in nature and strives to establish a balance between the needs of the environment and human civilisation. By excluding unnecessary elements in its products, XIMI Vogue advocates for a return to nature.