XIMI Vogue

Expanding the successful Korean enterprise here in India, Ximi Vogue retail stores brings affordable luxury to people with its commitment to creating simple, smart and fashionable products.

XIMI Vogue India is the future destination for all things fashion, home and beyond.


Plush Dolls

Dolls and toys that are fresh out of every child’s dreams

Office Style

Office accessories and paraphernalia that make work fun

Jewelry Series

Neckerchiefs, bracelets, earrings and more – jewellery that adds glamour to every outfit

Health & Beauty

Beauty products for, both, men and women – to help you always look your best

Exquisite Bags

An unmatched selection of wallets and handbags, for men and women

Digital Accessories

Catering from entertainment needs like Bluetooth speakers, power banks etc. to beauty accessories like hairdryers and more

Seasonal Products

Season-specific products like umbrellas, scarves, sunglasses etc to keep you comfortable and stylish through every season

Household Products

Everyday items like pillows, toothbrushes, Ceramic cups etc. for every one of your needs

Franchise Opportunities

Become a part of the revolution in fast fashion and e-commerce! Apply now to book your space in the XIMIVOGUE family.

Current stores in India

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Who We Are

XIMIVOGUE, a Korea-based designer brand that is a fast fashion department franchised store, locates at Guangzhou International Finance Center. XIMIVOGUE is the promoter of global ‘Green consumer products’. Standing on the life philosophy of ‘simplicity, green, and good quality’ and the brand advocating of ‘returning to nature’, XIMIVOGUE gains love among consumers with its core brand edges of vogue and updating products, pricing at a low level, and targeting at good consumer product chains. It sets the trend of personalized green consumption in the frontier market of household consumption and opens up the business model of a wholesale retail franchised outlet.

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