Square Adhesive Felt Pads 12 Pcs/Set (Brown)


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  • Felt hardwood floor defenders are best reasonable for wooden, cover, vinyl, yet additionally for tiles or stone deck.
  • Utilizing item that are 5mm thick will furnish you with a bit of psyche and the best assurance from scratches for your ground surface.
  • To shield dividers from stains and checking from various furniture around your house is simple when utilizing felt pads.
  • You can stick appropriate shape, generally likely felt strip on the bed edge or headboard, chest of draws, side of the table contacting the divider or even an image outlines.
  • They will give a delicate padding and when the furniture get unexpectedly moved and catch divider it won’t make uproarious clamor and the paint on the divider will stay flawless.
  • Spot felt pads under various kitchen machines.
  • You can simply strip and stick these felt sliders under dishwasher, clothes washer or cooler.
  • Any place you have to move these hefty apparatuses to clean underneath and behind them, it will be quick and easy.
  • Simply keep an eye out for the associations in the back and slide them out.
  • You don’t have to stress over scratching or harming your tile or tile kitchen flooring.
  • We have likewise something for chess brings down.
  • Spot little round felts under your chess pieces to make the most of your game.


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