Solid Color Stone Pattern Design Heat-Pressing Sponge Carpet (Blue)


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  • The sponge additionally helps keep your rugs cleaner.
  • The soil that discover its way into your rug will work its way down to the filaments and act like sand paper on the floor and cover and abbreviate its life.
  • The higher the thickness of the under cushion or cushioning the more you will broaden the life of the rug since it raises the rug off the floor.
  • This likewise gives an air space between the sub floor and the rug which permits the rug to breath.
  • The air space likewise makes for a lot further vacuuming.
  • At the point when you vacuum the rug the air space permits more air to be gotten up through the floor covering conveying more residue and soil alongside it.
  • The outcome is more viable each time you vacuum the floor coverings.
  • This more profound cleaning gives up less soil to cause scraped area and destroy your rug so the floor covering will last more with cover cushioning.
  • Sponge pounding will make the floor covering look revolting and to begin to list or stretch.
  • This is the place where you will see heap smashing.
  • Lobbies are another genuine case of were squashed heap will appear.


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Dimensions 17 × 16 × 9 cm