Solid Color Geometry Pattern Heat-Pressing Sponge Carpet (Red)


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  • You’ve discovered the ideal rug and you are contemplating holding your expense somewhere near utilizing either the old rug cushioning or non by any means.
  • Utilizing your old rug cushioning is definitely not an insightful choice either on the grounds that it will have separated with age, truth be told when you lift the rug you may discover it is really disintegrating.
  • Most occasions it will have practically zero real cushioning left to it.
  • The one you’ll see the most is the solace when you stroll on the rug.
  • Just by strolling on the floor covering you make a hundred pounds of weight for every square inch on the carpet.
  • The under lay or rug cushioning will pad and assist with diminishing the tension on the rug.
  • The diminishing in weight will help cause the floor covering to feel better, thicker and gentler just as all the more spring.
  • The under lay joined with the floor covering will likewise go about as a sound support making the room calmer and furthermore hotter by holding the warmth much better.


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Dimensions 17 × 16 × 9 cm