Simple Fashion Glass Teapot Set (Black)


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Country of Origin: PRC

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Material: Glass
Size: 600/100ml

Product Features:
? Unique shape!
? Beautiful and practical!
? Glass body, crystal clear!
? Easy to wash and non-toxic!

How to use:
? Suitable for brewing tea,brewing coffee, granules!

? Glass is fragile. Please be careful to avoid causing the glass body to rupture. Please check if the glass is broken before use!
? The product may be damaged or cracked. Do not use it to avoid injury to you or your family!
? The temperature is 8 degrees Celsius, the product can not be directly heated or quenched or quenched!
? It is strictly forbidden to pass the product from above the human body!
? The product is mainly suitable for adults. If there are children nearby, please pay attention to safety!
? Please clean when cleaning. Use a soft sponge and a neutral lotion. Do not wipe with a hard object such as a steel ball!
? The cleaning force should not be too large, so as to avoid the glass being crushed and smashed!

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