Individual Package Portable Floss Pick (80 Count)


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  • A few kinds are accessible, including conventional un-waxed floss, waxed floss and woven floss.
  • A few people favor the smooth, skimming impact of waxed sorts and feel that woven kinds can get “stuck” in their teeth.
  • Others, nonetheless, favor the surface and tenderness of woven floss.
  • A portion of this distinction in inclination is absolutely a matter of individual taste, yet for certain individuals? one kind of floss may work in a way that is better than another for actual reasons.
  • In any case, numerous individuals lean toward utilizing woven floss in light of the fact that conventional waxed floss can cut and harm their gums.
  • In spite of the fact that this may be an indication of ill-advised flossing method, it is additionally evident that woven dental floss looks like a round woven “rope” which is a lot gentler than conventional floss.
  • In contrast to customary waxed or un-waxed floss, woven floss doesn’t have any sharp edges, so it is more averse to cut or harm the delicate gum tissues.
  • Woven floss likewise offers some surface, which not just causes the cleaning cycle to feel more careful.
  • Yet, this makes it simpler to wrap and grasp around your fingers without sliding or sneaking away.
  • Like conventional waxed floss, woven dental floss is accessible with or without an invigorating, minty flavor, yet it has no waxy trailing sensation.


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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 2 cm