Android Denim Braided Data Cable 2M (Black)


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Product Features:
? The rated working voltage is DC 5V and the maximum working flow is 2.1A.
? Transparent jelly, crystal plus silver wire design, fashionable and beautiful.
? High-elastic halogen-free TPE for wire skin, which greatly increases the service life of the product.
? The USB interface device is connected to the power device, and the Android interface is connected to the mobile phone to charge and transmit data for the mobile phone.
? The inner conductor of the product adopts 0.08MM ultra-fine high-purity tin-plated oxygen-free copper, aluminum foil and woven mesh double-layer shielding effect, which is more efficient and safe. Charging and data transmission of your mobile phone and tablet.

? Charge transfer plug and play, current 2.1A.
? USB A male connector to connect USB A female interface such as computer or charger, Micro connector to connect Micro mobile phone or device.

? It is forbidden to use sharp tools for cutting.
? Use this product in places where children are not easily accessible.
? Keep away from fire and pay attention to waterproof, moisture and dust.
? When the data cable is not in use, try to avoid connecting the plug to the plug.
? Do not pull the wire hard, pay attention to waterproof, anti-corrosion, keep away from fire.
? It is forbidden to expose to the sun and is prohibited from being placed in a humid environment.
? When the data cable is pulled out from the adapter, computer, mobile phone, please pinch the head, try to avoid pulling the wire body of the data cable to prevent damage and breakage at the wire and interface.

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