XIMI Your Home!

The heart of a beautiful home is it’s decor. Our home is a place where we feel most comfortable and secure and the right kind of decor ensures that we always feel warm and calm at home. One loves shopping for their home, and with XIMI Vogue being the one stop shop for quirky and pretty home decor products, you can add your essence to your home. Listed below are the 5 things that you can purchase to XIMI your home!

Throw pillows:

From the right colour of the walls to the right furniture, everything at your home adds to the feel of your home. So it only makes sense to choose cushions that reflect your mood to go with your furniture. With a great variety of cushions available at XIMI Vogue, you can choose the ones that suit your taste, go with your furniture and make you feel comfortable.


Ceramics are an important part of everyone’s home. Be it for daily use or large family gatherings, for a lazy lunch or a sumptuous dinner, ceramic cups and plates add shine to your dining experience. We have an exclusive range of ceramics in vibrant colours to choose from for you and your family.


Not a fan of messy homes? With beautiful homes, everyone wants things to be at the right place so that one easily gets what they want and for that an organizer is the ultimate solution. Storage for your shoes or organizing your stationery and jewellery is very important and for this XIMI Vogue has got perfect organizers that will ensure that each and everything is at the desired place. These organizers require less space but provide a lot of storage space, so you can say goodbye to running in search of things.

Photo frames:

Memories are an important part of our lives and we tend to capture them alot. There is always a special place for these memories in our home as it gives a homely vibe. To every corner of your house, add a personalized touch with our cute and quirky range of photo frames that add colour to your walls and tables, giving the perfect look to your home.

Silverware for children:

Children in their young, adolescent age tend to waste food because their meal simply doesn’t look appetizing. But what if XIMI Vogue had the perfect solution? XIMI’s bright and beautiful silverware will sway your kids into eating what’s on their plate. With XIMI Vogue’s home decor collection, you can have everything you need to create the aesthetic home you’ve always dreamed of.