XIMI Vogue reaches Mumbai and Rajkot!

What an exciting year it has been! We launched in India last year, hoping to be received well by the lovely people here. One year later, we’ve reached far and wide with 20+ XIMI Vogue stores spread across Indian cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Agra to name a few, and continue to expand with the love and support of our loyal customers every day! What’s more, we are now welcoming two new cities to our family and cannot contain our excitement! Mumbai and Rajkot, XIMI Vogue is coming to you! 

Fresh Fashion for Mumbaikars

We’re coming to a new city! A city of dreams, a city that never sleeps, a city that welcomes each. Yes, we will be arriving in Mumbai soon! Mumbai is a beautiful city,  a city full of people with contagious energy and zest for life. To further add to the collective energy and spirit of Mumbaikars, we are bringing to them some of our own XIMI energy! We’re launching our very first store in Mumbai on 29th June 2019! With this new store launch, we hope to add freshness to the lives of fashionable Mumbaikars with stylish products. We aspire to give them a shopping experience like never before. We cannot wait to introduce the XIMI way of life to the people of Mumbai!

Korean Fast Fashion for Rajkot

Another city that’ll become a part of our XIMI universe is Rajkot! A city known for its handicrafts and culture, a city that represents the sweetness of Gujarati culture and business acumen with its flourishing industries. We’re coming to Rajkot in full swing on 29th June 2019, hoping to bring fresh and sweet XIMI moments to lives!

We are sure both Mumbai and Rajkot will welcome us with love. XIMI Vogue hopes to continue expanding with the support of its customers in the future!  XIMI Vogue products are also available for purchase online on Amazon so that people from other cities do not miss out on XIMI fun in the meanwhile!