Get ready for monsoon with XIMI Vogue!

As the monsoon season approaches us, we constantly ask ourselves: is it possible to go outside in the dreary rain? Worry no more, because XIMI Vogue has all the essentials to help you glide through those puddles of monsoon rainwater. With five of our monsoon-essential products, there’s no need to worry because XIMI will protect you from the damp weather. So buckle up and prepare for the monsoons coming your way with XIMI Vogue!



UMBRELLA: It’s finally time to go out with your friends at one of the best restaurants in the area. Your makeup is on fleek and hair is finally straightened! Now imagine the heavy rains ruining all the work you put in for the perfect night! If you grab XIMI Vogue’s cute umbrella for the monsoon season, however, you’ll never have to worry about the rainfall ruining your look. 

SCARF: You’ve finally picked out an outfit for the day after mixing & matching for the past hour. But something is definitely missing because the look is a little dry and you’re feeling a bit cold. Shop from XIMI Vogue’s collection of gorgeous scarves for a little pop of color! When you leave your house and the sky is full of dark clouds, these scarves will keep you looking stylish and bright even in the rain. 

CAP: Having a bad hair day after the monsoons have officially caused your hair to be the frizziest in days? Don’t fret and wear XIMI Vogue’s trendy cap out and about. The stylish cap will cover your head and no one will even notice the difference–shh!

SUNGLASSES: Don’t be fooled by the clouds, UV rays can damage your eyes even when it’s rainy and cloudy. Keep your eyes protected and add glamour to your outfit, grab a chic pair of sunglasses at a XIMI Vogue store near you now!

RUBBER SLIPPERS: Don’t wear your best shoes in the muddy rain as the monsoons arrive! Grab a pair of water-proof rubber slippers from XIMI Vogue and walk comfortably as you tread the streets during the rains.

CERAMICS: Listening to the sound of the rain from the comfort of your own home has to be one of the best feelings. Drinking a hot cup of tea as you lounge on your couch has to be even better! So why not pick up a beautiful ceramic cup from XIMI Vogue and drink something warm and relaxing as it rains outdoors? 

These products by XIMI Vogue will ensure that you are prepared for the rainy season. So, head to a XIMI Vogue store today to take care of all your needs as the monsoons approach!